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Since December 2012, we have been pleased to be able to donate window cleaning services to several local non-profit organizations on an annual basis.  Their appreciation means a lot to us.  These organizations include:

        --Humane Society of Western Montana

​​​​​       ​ ​--Missoula Ronald McDonald House

        --Missoula Public Library

        --Watson Children's Shelter, Fort Missoula Rd.

        --Watson Children's Shelter, Buckhouse Ln.

        --St. Patrick House


What do you charge for window cleaning?

We charge per window pane, but the price varies depending on the size and difficulty of access.  Instead of trying to figure it out over the phone or online, we come to your house or place of business and do a free estimate.  This eliminates confusion about prices.  And we can usually count all the windows by walking around outside the building, so you don't need to be home.

How do you get windows so clean?

You need the right tools and techniques as well as attention to detail. We use strip-washers to apply cleaning solution to and scrub the glass and squeegees to clear it away.  Then we use cotton towels to 'detail' the windows (dry the small amount of water remaining around the edges of the glass after squeegeeing).  We also use these towels and microfiber towels for the window frames, sills, and tracks.  For really dirty glass, we use scrub pads in addition to the strip-washers, and to remove paint, stickers, adhesives etc. razor blades are used.

Is it safe to use razor blades on glass?

Despite what glass companies and others may say, razor blades do not scratch glass.  Plexiglass and window tinting or coatings can be scratched with razors, however.  And glass can be scratched by other substances when these substances are pushed across glass by a razor.  For instance, particles of sand, concrete or masonry on a window may become trapped under a razor blade and cause scratches.  Also, tiny bits of glass that are often present on the surface of tempered glass can be dislodged by a razor and cause scratches.  These glass bits, known as 'fines' or 'fabricating debris, are created by cutting glass and fused to its surface during tempering. They are invisible to the naked eye, so razors shouldn't be used on such glass  Knowledge of these issues and proper razor blade use are essential.  It's best to leave this to an experienced window cleaner.

We often see scratches around the edges of the glass in windows with wooden frames - they're caused by sandpaper or sanding blocks. Be sure protect the glass and use care when sanding a window frame.

Glass can also be pitted (or cracked) by pebbles thrown by mowers or other landscaping work.  Basement windows are sometimes damaged when window wells are filled with gravel.  And metalworking generates sparks which are actually tiny bits of hot metal that can fuse to glass surfaces nearby.  Windows near metal railings on decks or in stairwells
can suffer this damage if not protected.

What about water-fed pole systems?

We only use our WFP when we can't safely or practically access a window to clean it by hand.  Although WFPs can achieve adequate results under some circumstances, they just don't clean as well as a strip-washer and a squeegee.  Our experience has shown that most customers aren't happy with WFP cleaning.

How do you clean screens?

We clean the mesh and the frame with a wet microfiber towel. Occasionally we use hand brushes.

Can you remove hard water stains?

Yes!  We use scrub pads as well as special chemical cleansers to remove mineral deposits, aka hard water stains, from the glass. Often, all of the deposits can be removed, but sometimes a trace will remain.  It depends on how bad the deposits are and how long they've been there.  Removing mineral deposits from window frames is difficult to do without marring them, but usually it's the glass that's most important.

The most common cause of mineral deposits is sprinklers hitting a window, although rainwater running down a building or splashing off a deep sill can also pick up minerals and leave them on windows.  But sprinklers are your windows' worst enemy.  The best solution is to make sure they're located and aimed so they don't get any water on the windows, even when the wind blows.  Regular cleaning will also help prevent the deposits from getting too bad.

Where can I get a ladder like yours?

We have a variety of extension and step ladders.  All of them are professional quality commercial-duty units with adequate weight ratings.  We put leg-levelers and stabilizer arms on all our extension ladders to make the as safe and easy to use as possible.  They can be found locally and online.
Zac works at the Humane Society
Christian cleans a large storm window at the Library
Cory removes mineral deposits at the Ronald McDonald House
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