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Gutter Cleaning

Cleaning gutters is a dirty job that can be difficult and dangerous.  It usually requires ladders and even working from the roof.  We have the equipment and training to do the job right.  And it's likely we'll clean your gutters more thoroughly than you ever imagined.  That's because for every gutter cleaning job we do all of the following:

--First, we remove all debris including leaves, pine needles,

--Then we use a hose and spray nozzle to flush the dirt and
 aggregate and clear the downspouts.

--Lastly, we rake, sweep and collect all debris in trash bags
 and remove it from the site, leaving your property clean.

Save yourself the work and risk and have us clean your gutters safely for you!
Missoula: (406) 721-2666      Bitterroot: (406) 363-1188      2104 S. Reserve St.      info@thewindowwashers.net
Window Cleaning

Window cleaning has always been our specialty, whether it's your home or place of business.  You may know from experience that window cleaning can be a difficult, frustrating, and time-consuming job.  And you have other things to do.  So let us do the work for you! "Your pane is our pleasure!"  Our technicians use only the best tools and solutions and are dedicated to getting your windows sparkling clean.  And we go the extra mile to do the little things we know people value:

--We clean not only the glass but also the window tracks,
 frames and sills.

--We wear shoe covers or remove our shoes when working
 inside to keep your floors clean.

--We remove not only the dirt but also the paint, silicone,
 adhesive residue, mineral deposits (aka hard water stains)
 and whatever else is on your window glass.

--We have the trucks and technicians to get the work done
 when you need it done.

These are just a few of the things that separate The Window Washers Company from the average window cleaner.  See how nice it is to have us professionally clean your windows and save yourself the time and work.  You won't be disappointed!
Commercial Janitorial

You know it's important to keep your workplace clean.  After all, your office or store is your company's face to the community and your customers.  You want to leave a good impression in every way.  But you may not have the time or staff to oversee the work.  That's why you hire a professional.  We take care of the cleaning so you don't have to worry about it.  What makes our company different from the rest?  Our reliable, trustworthy employees are detail-oriented and we limit the number of accounts we have to make sure we can provide the best service for each, when you need it.

Pressure Washing

Whether the job is big or small, commercial or residential, we can handle it.  We can pressure wash your sidewalk, deck, dumpster pad, building siding and more.  With a professional trailer-mounted hot water system as well as a smaller cold water washer, we have the equipment and the training to clean all kinds of exterior surfaces.